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    Best Home Loan Rates in Toronto and Southern Ontario

    Talk to the agents at InTrend Mortgage and let us put together a mortgage plan based on your own personal needs. From new home purchases to refinance options and more, our promise is to find you the lowest mortgage rates available in 24-48 hours, no matter what type of mortgage you might need:

    Why Choose InTrend Mortgage Over a Bank?

    Unhappy with high banking fees, lack of service and limited mortgage packages? A mortgage agent may be right for you. In addition to giving you access to multiple lenders and lower rates, mortgage agents work on referrals only, which means they work hard to find you the best deal possible.

    Discover the Freedom of More Mortgage Options

    Unlike the limited number of mortgage packages offered by traditional banks, a mortgage agent negotiates with multiple lenders and can compare rates from various banks, credit unions, trust companies and alternative lenders all at once. They may even have access to unadvertised mortgage loan rates that are significantly lower than traditional banks or credit unions.

    Experienced Mortgage Agents Deliver Big Savings

    An experienced agent can also save you thousands on your mortgage by helping you avoid restrictive products offered by big banks. This includes the high penalties that can result from making changes as your mortgage matures. InTrend Mortgage agents are resourceful, and specialize in finding options you won’t get anywhere else.

    No Fees Attached

    At InTrend Mortgage, we don’t get paid unless we find the right mortgage plan for you. We’ll always leverage our full buying power to aggressively negotiate the lowest rate possible. When we do, our fees will be covered by the lender – not by you.

    Let Us Find the Right Mortgage Plan For You

    When you work with an InTrend Mortgage agent, we’ll compare all available mortgage products on the market to find the solution that works best for you.

    Rather than taking on the stress and hassle of calling multiple lenders, you’ll get a wide variety of options from one mortgage agent that makes all the calls and handles all negotiations on your behalf.

    Whether you are a first home buyer, refinancing your existing mortgage, switching your mortgage or looking to buy an investment property, call an InTrend Mortgage agent for a free mortgage quote today at 905-415-8488.

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